Community Speed Watch

Community speed watch are currently looking to recruit volunteers.

Drivers speeding is something that affects us all in law speeding is considered speed limit + 10% + 2 miles i.e. for 30mph area speeding is 35+ mph.

Volunteers are required to take car registrations and vehicle details which are sent off for further action, offenders will receive a first letter, then a second stage letter if they do not respond.

In Devon and Cornwall there are 70 active teams and more than 6000 drivers have been sent a first letter under this scheme.The St Austell team go out as far as Stenalees and are looking to recruit more volunteers, expectation is to have at least three teams operating within the area. If this is something that you feel would be of interest then you can contact Gary King on his police email address

All training and equipment will be organised for you, volunteers are required to collect information and send the details of speeders gathered from the roadside. Safe sites to gather this information will be identified for you and this speed checking will only be carried out during the day. All volunteers will be required to wear Hi-Vis equipment whilst working on the roadside. The aim is to have teams that move around the area providing support for each other. If you feel that you have the time and commitment to this project or require further information then please contact Gary King on the email address.