The Parish Council have now launched a crowd funder to help with the memorial repair costs in St Dennis Cemetery.

Although the Parish Council does have a budget towards the costs for memorial repairs where we can no longer trace living relatives, we are also fully aware that in some circumstances where we can contact relatives there will be a situation where families will not be able to afford the unexpected bill for the repair works.

Our cemetery is important to the village and we want to do all we can to ensure that none of the memorials will be laid flat due to the costs of having them repaired not being financially economical. 

As the timescale of the repairs has dramatically shortened due to the removal of the stabilising stakes on several occasions, we have taken the steps of launching a crowdfunder appeal to help cover the cost of all the repairs that are needed. Arrangement for repairs to some of the memorials has already been undertaken by family members and we are grateful to them for their prompt actions

Please follow the link below where you can view the project and if you wish make a donation.