Considering recent events and so much changing to accommodate new guidance and to protect our country in our own small way against new fights, we are discovering new sacrifices that are being felt by many in 2020.

For numerous weeks within our communities we took to our front doors, doorsteps, and windows to show our support and thanks for those key workers who kept the country working and moving forward.

Recently we have had to stand back to allow strategies and policies to come into effect efficiently, not unlike the structure shown within our armed forces. One force working together for a common goal.

At this moment in time keep in mind, the first two minutes silence in 1919 was designed as a moment that could unite people across many divides. It is believed there are some moments when there are no suitable words to collectively express the emotions we might feel. There is a poetic solidarity in silence.

Unite once more and support a doorstep two-minute silence at 11am on Remembrance Sunday. Pay our respects the way we can. Together we can emphasis the symbolic power of two minutes silence, we shall:

‘Remember those who served before, remember those who are no more. Remember those who serve today. Remember them all on this day.’ – Emily Toma.

Spread the word and show people the act of remembrance is simple and clear. Show us how the community of St Dennis came together even though we had to stand apart. Share with us photographs taken of your neighbours, street or household showing your support the best we can this year.

The parish council plan on creating a post using these images to highlight how resourceful our community can be.