Cornwall Energy Recovery Ltd (CERL) and its independent experts have been investigating the root cause of the Cornwall energy recovery centre (CERC) roof’s damage and planning the repair works after the outer layer of it was damaged during the very strong winds in February 2020. Throughout this period, the inner liner of the roof was undamaged therefore ensuring that the building remained enclosed. Furthermore, the CERC has continued to operate effectively diverting Cornwall’s non-recyclable household waste from landfill.

This week (w/c 09 November 2020), CERL’s subcontractor will be starting the first phase of the repair works in order to better weather-proof the building ahead of the winter and spring months.

During this phase of the repair works, a crane will be temporarily on site to enable materials to be lifted onto the roof. We anticipate that this phase of the repair works will be completed around the end of the year but will be subject to weather conditions and COVID-19 restrictions. The second phase of the repair works is expected to take place over the summer of 2021.