People working at the frontline of the fight against Coronavirus face potentially huge pressure when dealing with the emotional fallout of working with those most affected.

In response to this, Volunteer Cornwall has launched their new ‘Wellbeing Mentors’ to support anyone working as a Key Worker during the COVID 19 Crisis.  This service is to support both staff and volunteers in the NHS, Social Care, Voluntary Sector, and other essential services.

The scheme, launched today by Coronavirus Response Team Coordinator Marianne Wright, is for anyone who may be experiencing an emotional ‘wobble’ or distress at dealing with the impact of the virus on their working lives.

Marianne explains, “Our Telephone Wellbeing Mentors are offering a friendly ’listening’ service so key workers do not need to take problems home to friends and family or offload onto your colleagues.  This will be especially good for those who may be self-isolating and missing friends and family.”

This service is suitable for any key workers, even those who already receive clinical supervision.
They understand that many key workers, are listening and working with very distressed people.  To help keep good mental health at the high at this time, you may just need to speak to someone who understands the additional stress that this situation causes.

Volunteer Cornwall will be accepting self-referrals for support on this dedicated confidential email and aims to respond within 48 hours.