Meetings – Due to a change in the legislation the Parish Council will not be holding an annual meeting this year, this means for the first time we will not be voting on the position of Chair or Vice Chair and our committee members will stay the same until next May. Cllr Mrs Julia Clarke will remain as our chairman the figurehead of the Council, which all the councillors are extremely happy about, unfortunately for Cllr Clarke there was no way to object. Our Vice Chair will remain as Cllr Mr Nick Edmunds who I am just as sure was thrilled about the decision. All of our councillors work hard, giving their free time to do the best they can for our community. If you would like to join the Council team, we do still have a couple of vacancies. Why not contact the clerk for further information, you too can help make a difference, enjoy lively debate, get involved and help us to make the community a better place.
Virtual Meetings- Well in these strange times we are now moving into the digital age, on the 5th May the Parish Council held its first virtual meeting. With only a few minor hiccups like not being able to switch on the microphone and some of us unable to leave at the end of the meeting, it went rather well. For the time being the agenda’s will only be posted on our website, if you wish to join us for the meeting please contact the clerk in advance. If you do not wish to attend but would like any matters raised on the items for discussion within the agenda, again please contact the clerk or any of our councillors who will raise these points on your behalf.