Recycling bins – Due to a change in the way Cornwall Council manage our refuse and recycling, the Parish Council have been asked if we would like to take over the management of the recycling banks in Robartes Road Car Park. As there is no additional funding available towards this the Parish Council have taken the decision not to take on the running of this facility. Cornwall Council will therefore be removing this facility, originally at some point in September but due to the current situation with Covid-19 this may be delayed. We will keep you updated via social media when we have more news.
The Office – We are still open for business, albeit a different sort of open. I never thought I would have to work from home facing the new and different challenges that this brings, I for one cannot wait to see business as usual once again, whatever usual will be when we come out of this. I know lots of you will be in the same boat, having children at home as well as having to work, that is why we try to keep a flow of ideas in our website posts with links to help and advice, projects for fun and educational links, we hope you find these posts helpful and informative, if you need any further information by all means contact the office where we will be happy to try and help.
Last Note: Stay safe and well adhere to the new social distancing and if you are in need of help ask, now more than ever we are coming together as a community keep up the good work all of you.