OK so what’s the deal and what is the answer? The image on the left show’s the damaged rope swing a bolt has been removed making this unsafe to use. We have chained off the item and added some signage, but as previous experiences go, we are not expecting that to stay there for long. Please do not use this item until we have had a chance to carry out the repairs needed. This has been reported to the police and just shows that we need CCTV to combat his type of problem. One successful prosecution would make the world of difference. Have a look at our Crowdfunder page https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/cctv-instalation

We have raised £50 so far but we are still a long way off our goal of £8000, if you can donate, no matter how small it would be very much appreciated. The Parish Council will be funding at least half of the cost but the estimation for all the work required is in the region of £18000.00. This includes all the groundwork, the installation of electric, a purpose built shed to house the equipment and some shiny new cameras that will help to protect the area from the constant battle against vandalism and Anti-Social behaviour. The funding towards this will be from our earmarked reserves where we were building up a small pot of money to keep improving and updating the play equipment, unfortunately due to recent events it has been decided that the CCTV is more of a priority to protect what has already been provided.

The image on the right is another all to regular sight. In amongst all the plastic litter is broken glass, please be aware that all of this may not have been picked up although we have tried our best please take care when using the skate park area. To those who do not appear to know what a bin is used for, PUT RUBBISH IN THEM, PLEASE USE THE BINS PROVIDED for the health and safety of all the other park users we do not want to see anybody hurt by falling on broken glass, be responsible and do the right thing. Remember if you do see anything that you think is dangerous please call the Parish Council office and report it in.