St Dennis Playing Field Trust was opened on Saturday 26th August 2017 at 10am. The Rev Paul Arthur of St Denys Parish opened and blessed the park. Attendees were Julia Clarke Chair of St Dennis Parish Council who gave a thank your speech for receiving the money from St Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust Fund and welcoming residents of the parish to the opening of the park. Other attendees County Councillor Fred Greenslade, Parish Councillor Nick Edmunds, Parish Clerk Lynn Clarke, Deputy Clerk Pauline Pragnell and Tanya Edmunds a representative of St Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust. Several children were already playing on the new equipment and have a great time during the opening. The parish and are looking forward to fulfilling further plans for the enhancement and improvement of the area and would like to thank residents for their support when this project was being undertaken and hope that there are many years of enjoyment. St Dennis Parish Council would like to thank all for attending the opening.