It is with disbelief and great sorrow that I find myself having to write this article.

It has been bought to the attention of the Parish Council that a person or persons have removed a wreath from the grave of a recent burial,  understandably, the family are distraught and angry following the discovery of  missing wreath and then finding the flowers and personal cards scattered within the cemetery grounds and the remains of the wreath shamefully discarded in an adjacent field.

This incident has been reported to the police and the Parish Council are appealing for information relating to this act of mindless act of vandalism.

The Cemetery is a place of solace and reflection for those who have lost loved ones, the area should be treated with the respect and dignity. This unfortunately is not the first incident of this type and we would ask that anybody who sees anything of this nature to report it in to the office or call 101, you do not have to give your name if you would prefer to stay anonymous but somebody knows something about what happened and we would appreciate any information that may help to identify the person or persons who are responsible for this incident.